Platz Associates is a multi-discipline design firm with the experience and expertise to provide design and development services for educational, governmental, commercial, industrial, medical, retail, and residential projects. The fourteen member professional staff of Platz Associates includes not only architects and engineers, but also specialists in site evaluation, planning, permitting, budgeting, and construction management. We offer a one stop design process that can take our clients from initial concept to building occupancy.

Since incorporation in 1980…

Platz Associates has been involved in a wide variety of projects, including the design of renovations and new construction.  We understand the necessity of working within well-defined budget constraints, as it is our goal to take a practical approach to the design process that results in buildings that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and fiscally responsible.

Fishbones, Lewiston ME

One of the services that sets Platz Associates apart from other design firms is our in-house Construction Management services.  We have been providing this service for our clients for the past twenty-five years.  Our construction engineer, Bruce Allen, has more than forty years of experience managing construction projects. It is this experience that has saved our clients both dollars and time on job after job.

Even if a client does not avail itself of our Construction Management project services, our construction experts are integral members of the design team.  From the very beginning of a project, their knowledge of construction techniques and materials plays a major role in design decisions.  Bruce and his team work closely with the architects to ensure that drawings reflect the needs of the project in regard to scheduling, structural issues, maintenance requirements and material availability.

Our construction knowledge…

…gives us unique advantages when it comes to budgeting and cost control.  This is especially true for renovation projects.  First of all, this knowledge and experience gives us the ability to be very accurate in establishing a project budget.  Secondly, we are able to anticipate issues and problems associated with the unique circumstances of existing buildings so that they can be addressed in the design phase rather than encountered during construction when the solution is more expensive.

Auburn natives Thomas H. Platz and his brother James founded Platz Associates with the goal of providing a practical approach to design that results in buildings that are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also fiscally responsible.  Many of our repeat clients indicate that we have been successful in meeting this goal.

Platz Associates makes use of the latest in technology in the field of building design.  A network of fourteen computers provide up to date CAD programs as well as site design, cost estimating, engineering, financial project analysis, and specification writing.   Our database includes the latest in product specifications, product catalogs, and the latest versions of national life safety codes.  The internet is used extensively for research, product data, and transmitting information and drawings to consultants as well as to our clients.   We have produced drawings electronically since 1985.