L. L. Bean Telecom Center

The Peck Building – Telecommunications Center

  • Lewiston, Maine


  • PJM Realty Inc. / L.L. Bean


  • Architectural – Engineering
  • Construction Management

The rehabilitation of the multistory B. Peck Building was a special project for Platz Associates. Built in 1899, Peck’s was the department store in central Maine and the focal point of Lewiston’s downtown shopping district. When Peck’s closed its doors in 1982, the building became the symbol of the downtown’s decline. However, through the foresight of local developers, the building has been restored to its former prominence and now symbolizes a revitalized downtown.

The 100,000 square foot interior has been completely redesigned as a modern office complex, with Platz Associates responsible for the Architectural design, Engineering, and Construction Management. Work included a bank of three elevators, two new stair towers, a new environmental system, and upgrading the structural system where codes and safety dictated. The main occupant of the building is L.L. Bean’s telecommunication center. Platz Associates designed this facility to accommodate up to 650 operators who handle over 100,000 telephone orders a day. Additional employee amenities include a cafeteria and a fitness center.

Exterior work included restoration of the facade to its original lines while utilizing more recent construction materials and techniques. As a result of Platz Associates efforts, The Peck Building is now a major contributor to the economic life of downtown Lewiston and a cornerstone of the richness of it’s urban architectural character.