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  • Architecture – Engineering
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Platz Associates was chosen to rehabilitate this 100 year Knights of Columbus building located in downtown Lewiston. The project required the complete rehabilitation of the exterior, including brick repointing, new entry, new roof, and new energy efficient windows. In orfer to satisfy the demanding program requirements of a medium size law firm, it was necessary to completely demolish the existing interior of this 15,000 square foot building. New electrical and mechanical systems as well as structural upgrades were required to accommodate the new building use. The renovated building now meets all current building codes and handicapped accessibility requirements.

In all aspects of the renovation close attention was paid to details which would capture the original architecture and flavor of the building. Existing rough struck masonry walls were preserved and used as elements to enhance the design. In one instance an original brass skylight was removed, refurbished modified to serve as a legal reference table.

Extensive use of wood and other natural materials along with fine craftsmanship and design resulted in a truly stunning architectural solution to this project. As architects, engineers and construction managers on this job, we believe it to be another fine example of the depth of services our firm brings to a project.