Norway Savings Bank

Norway Savings BankOperations Center

  • Norway, Maine


  • Norway Savings Bank


  • Architecture – Engineering

Platz Associates was retained to provide the architectural design and engineering of Norway Savings Bank’s technology, operations and training center in downtown Norway. The former Aubuchon and JJ Newberry’s buildings will be renovated to accommodate the 20,000 square feet of space needed to house several bank operation departments and training. Working with the Maine Historic Preservation Board, Platz Associates designed a facade renovation that seemlessly blends with the existing context of downtown Norway while forging a strong presence and identity for the bank. Additional contributions to the streetlife include restoring the broad storefront windows to showcase art displays incorporated with the interior renovations. Focusing on bringing light and openess to the interior, broad windows and skylights were added to the exterior enclosure and glazing incorporated in the office partition walls and workspaces. The dynamic arc that organizes the interior spaces accentuates the open plan while forming a strong bond between this renovation of two separate buildings.