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  • Architecture – Engineering
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To improve its ability to provide services to its clients as cost effectively as possible, Tri-County Mental Health Services decided to consolidate its three separate twin city facilities into one location, a former bank processing center. Platz Associates was chosen to provide the architectural, engineering, and construction management services necessary to adapt this building to its new uses.

Providing a client’s needs within the confines of an existing structure always presents unique problems and requires an intimate understanding of how the client’s operation functions. These problems are further compounded when the client is a non-profit organization limited by a moderate budget. Working closely with the staff of Tri-County, we were able to design a facility which provides for smooth and efficient operations and which met their budget constraints.

Another major challenge of this project was the need to relocate the existing separate facilities into the new space as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, construction of the 32,000 square foot facility was divided into four phases, with staff moving into its own space as each phase was completed. Construction began in June of 1993 and the last phase was completed in September of the same year. This ability to fast track projects is a specialty of Platz Associates and is one of the advantages of working with a multi-disciplinary design firm.