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As a sponsor of The Public Theatre, Platz Associates is happy to be part of the expansion and alterations that will allow the theater to continue growing the scope and breadth of its productions and performances. The Public Theatre building has always been an institution in Lewiston and Auburn, beginning in the 1930’s as a stylish movie theater known as The Ritz. Over the decades it gradually deteriorated, until in 1990 when concerned community members renovated the building for live play performances.

Starting in 2004, Phase I renovations addressed handicapped accessibility issues and expanded the square footage from 19,150 sq. ft. to a total of 21,750 sq. ft. In Phase II, the lobby was completely renovated and exterior work such as painting nad signage gave the seventy-year-old building a new identity in the Western Gateway to Lewiston’s downtown. The final Phase(s) of renovation will see new and improved seating, updated heating and air conditioning for the patrons, new offices and dressing rooms, and facade renovations to include a new building marquee. Platz Associates has provided all architecture, engineering, and construction management services for all phases of this project.