The Bates Mill Complex

Bates Mill Complex

Masterplanning of Mill Complex

  • Lewiston, Maine


  • Bates Mill Development Co., L.L.C.
  • City of Lewiston


  • Architecture – Engineering
  • Construction Management

The historic Bates Mill Complex, located in the heart of downtown Lewiston, consists of eight major buildings containing approximately 1.2 million square feet of floor space on a twelve-acre parcel. The birthplace of Maine’s industrial revolution, the Bates Manufacturing Company was once the largest employer in the State of Maine.

Beginning in 1997, Platz Associates has been involved with master planning, architectural design, engineering, and construction management of the major redevelopment of this complex in a joint effort with the City of Lewiston and Bates Mill Development Co., L.L.C.   Services provided also include structural, environmental, comprehensive code analysis, feasibility studies, and visioning.  The Bates Mill Complex is now host to over 2,000 people who live here or work at the banks, restaurants, offices, and other organizations residing in the Mill.   At full build-out, the collective employment in the Bates Mill Complex is projected to exceed 5,000 people.