Bates Mill Dermatology

Medical Office

  • Lewiston, Maine


  • Dr. Peter Bouman


  • Architecture – Engineering
  • Construction Management

Attracted to the historic significance and architectural character of the Bates Mill Complex, Dr. Peter Bouman retained Platz Associates to design and construct the medical office for his dermatology practice at Bates Mill 6. A wonderful mix of new and old, a modern intervention within a historic envelope, the space strikes a comfortable balance between the warmth of the historic building and Dr. Bouman’s thouroughly modern medical practice.

Taking full advantage of the interesting structural details of his space, the office is arranged to place each of the exam and procedure rooms adjacent to the beautiful brick and steel columns. The resulting effect enriches the rooms while minimizing the impact of the wonderful but somewhat bulky structural elements. Also playing-up the character of the old mill building, the entrance, reception, and waiting spaces are aligned to permit a long view to the georgeous oversized aluminum windows in the exterior brick wall at the back of the space.